Schedule & Results, Earl Gaukel Memorial Tournament, 2019-2020 (St. George Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 15, 2019
Peewee18:00 AMSDCC Hespeler Shamrocks White1-2St George Generals
Peewee158:00 AMWGSC #2 Ayr Flames4-1Burford #1 Coyotes
Bantam169:00 AMWGSC #2 Ayr Flames1-13St George Generals
Peewee29:00 AMSDCC Delhi # 1 Rockets4-3Beverly Bandits # 1
Bantam1710:00 AMWGSC #2 Simcoe # 2 Warriors2-4Caledonia Thunder
Midget310:00 AMSDCC Delhi Rockets3-6St George Generals
Bantam1811:00 AMWGSC #2 Beeton Stingers0-3Lambeth Lancers Maroon
Midget411:00 AMSDCC Woolwich # 4 Wildcats3-0Ayr Flames
Midget1912:00 PMWGSC #2 West Grey Warriors1-1Barrie Sky Blue
Peewee512:00 PMSDCC East Lambton Eagles Black4-1Ilderton Jets
Midget (XOVER)201:00 PMWGSC #2 Barrie Scotia Bank Orange1-4East Gwillimbury Eagles
Peewee61:00 PMSDCC Saugeen Shores Storm0-6East Lambton Eagles White
Bantam212:00 PMWGSC #2 Caledonia Thunder9-1Ayr Flames
Peewee72:00 PMSDCC Ayr Flames1-3St George Generals
Midget223:00 PMWGSC #2 Delhi Rockets2-6Woolwich # 4 Wildcats
Peewee83:00 PMSDCC Hespeler Shamrocks White1-8Burford #1 Coyotes
Bantam234:00 PMWGSC #2 Bellle River Storm0-4Lambeth Lancers Maroon
Peewee94:00 PMSDCC Ilderton Jets6-8Beverly Bandits # 1
Peewee105:00 PMSDCC East Lambton Eagles Black3-4Delhi # 1 Rockets
Bantam (XOVER)245:00 PMWGSC #2 Belle River Jr Canadiens1-3Beeton Stingers
Peewee116:00 PMSDCC Saugeen Shores Storm5-3Belle River Panthers
Midget256:00 PMWGSC #2 East Gwillimbury Eagles7-0Barrie Sky Blue
Peewee127:00 PMSDCC East Lambton Eagles White4-3Coldwater Wildcats
Midget267:00 PMWGSC #2 Barrie Scotia Bank Orange4-5Newcastle Stars
Bantam138:00 PMSDCC Simcoe # 2 Warriors1-3St George Generals
Midget (XOVER)278:00 PMWGSC #2 Brighton Braves2-1West Grey Warriors
Midget149:00 PMSDCC Ayr Flames4-4St George Generals
Bantam289:00 PMWGSC #2 Nepean Hungry Hungry Hippos1-5TNT Tornados
Saturday, November 16, 2019
Peewee298:00 AMSDCC Belle River Panthers2-6Coldwater Wildcats
Peewee309:00 AMSDCC Burford #1 Coyotes4-4St George Generals
Peewee3110:00 AMSDCC Hespeler Shamrocks White2-5Ayr Flames
Peewee3211:00 AMSDCC Beverly Bandits # 14-5East Lambton Eagles Black
Peewee3312:00 PMSDCC Delhi # 1 Rockets2-4Ilderton Jets
Bantam341:00 PMSDCC TNT Tornados3-2Belle River Jr Canadiens
Bantam (XOVER)352:00 PMSDCC Nepean Hungry Hungry Hippos2-4Bellle River Storm
Peewee363:00 PMSDCC East Lambton Eagles White7-0Belle River Panthers
Peewee374:00 PMSDCC Coldwater Wildcats2-2Saugeen Shores Storm
Midget434:00 PMWGSC #2 Newcastle Stars2-0Brighton Braves
Bantam385:00 PMSDCC Caledonia Thunder1-3St George Generals
Bantam445:00 PMWGSC #2 Ayr Flames0-9Simcoe # 2 Warriors
Midget396:00 PMSDCC Woolwich # 4 Wildcats2-3St George Generals
Midget456:00 PMWGSC #2 Ayr Flames1-2Delhi Rockets
Bantam407:00 PMSDCC Nepean Hungry Hungry Hippos3-1Belle River Jr Canadiens
Midget467:00 PMWGSC #2 West Grey Warriors0-6East Gwillimbury Eagles
Bantam418:00 PMSDCC Bellle River Storm0-0Beeton Stingers
Midget478:00 PMWGSC #2 Brighton Braves1-1Barrie Scotia Bank Orange
Bantam (XOVER)429:00 PMSDCC TNT Tornados1-1Lambeth Lancers Maroon
Midget (XOVER)489:00 PMWGSC #2 Newcastle Stars5-2Barrie Sky Blue
Sunday, November 17, 2019
Bantam498:00 AMSDCC TNT Tornados1-3St George Generals
Bantam509:00 AMSDCC Caledonia Thunder1-0Lambeth Lancers Maroon
Midget5110:00 AMSDCC Woolwich # 4 Wildcats2-6East Gwillimbury Eagles
Midget5211:00 AMSDCC St George Generals3-5Newcastle Stars
Peewee5312:00 PMSDCC Ayr Flames0-1East Lambton Eagles White
Peewee541:00 PMSDCC Delhi # 1 Rockets4-1St George Generals
Bantam552:00 PMSDCC Caledonia Thunder2-0St George Generals
Midget563:00 PMSDCC Newcastle Stars0-5East Gwillimbury Eagles
Peewee574:00 PMSDCC Delhi # 1 Rockets1-4East Lambton Eagles White
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